1. Basic Estate Planning Strategies

    An estate plan is a collection of legal documents that are prepared in advance of your incapacitation or death. These documents allow you to leave clear and concise instructions about your intentions when you are unable to do so. Once complete, it ensures that your assets as well as your healthcare are managed according to your wishes. Estate planning tends to be one of the most critical parts of …Read More

  2. You Only Have Two Choices: Take Control…. Or Be Controlled

    If You Don’t Control Your Money, Your Money Will Control You........ You’ve heard the expression “cash is king”? Well, even more to the point, cash flow is king. You can have one or two or three million dollars saved, but if you don’t have a good, well-calculated, solid and proven system in place to disburse that money, usually one of two things happen: 1. You spend money at a rate that …Read More

  3. 6 Major Risks to “Your” Retirement Income

      There are six clear risks that are associated with your retirement income. If you are going to correctly and adequately plan your retirement, then you need to take these risk factors into account as early as possible. These are the risks that can lead to the erosion of your retirement capital, which in turn will impact the amount you live on each month. In no particular order, here they are: Th…Read More

  4. Retirement Planning… Its Not What Can Go Right, Its what Can Go Wrong That’s Crucial For You To Know….

    Retirement Planning... Its Not What Can Go Right, Its what Can Go Wrong That's Crucial For You To Know....     The New Retirement Landscape The “boom” in baby boomer retirement is on the rise. This mass stampede towards retirement runs alongside a notoriously unstable time in America. The world we live in has become complicated and challenging to navigate. The retirement environment today in…Read More

  5. How to Save for Retirement when You Have a Little Paycheck

    There are few of us in this country that haven't heard about the importance of saving for our retirement. With company-sponsored retirement and pension plans going the way of the dinosaur and lifespans extending farther for us than any other previous generation, even those in their 20's have come to understand that if they want to have money to last their entire lives, then they'll be best off by …Read More

  6. How Pessimism Helps with Retirement Planning

    "Look for the silver lining in any cloud," they say. "Stay positive," they advise. "It will all work itself out in the end," they claim. Though we're all for optimistic thinking, we wouldn't be helping our clients much if we kept our heads in those silver-lined clouds, believing in the face of evidence to the contrary, that all will be a rose garden through the rest of their lives. We tend to be s…Read More

  7. Is Your Retirement Income Tax Free? Contact Marra Financial Group Today!

    Taxable, Partially Taxable and Tax-Free Retirement Income Is retirement income taxable? It depends on where your retirement income will come from, and how much of it you will have. Below is a list of common sources of retirement income broken down into taxable retirement income, partially taxable retirement income, and tax-free retirement income. Use this list only for general guidance. You must u…Read More

  8. Has Your Financial Advisor “Advised” You of The New Once-Per-Year Rollover Rule?

    **IRS Clarifies New Once-Per-Year Rollover Rule for 2015** A rollover is a tax-free distribution from one retirement plan which is then contributed to another retirement plan. The contribution to the second plan is called a rollover contribution. When a taxpayer receives a check made out to them personally from the first retirement plan, this "distribution" falls under the "60 day rollover" rule. …Read More